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The Townsend Company: “Because we can!”


We can all make a difference, even though our motives for change may vary. We may want to improve the environment, find a sustainable energy source for future generations, take a stance on becoming independent from foreign oil,  maximize your company’s growth potential, create jobs or generate prosperity. 

We want to help, we want to ensure that the change to alternative energy is a success and know that the best way to do this is to make sure the companies that are leading that change are successful themselves.

We understand it’s not easy choosing the right technology, business model, partners, and suppliers. Managing through government influence, going to market fast and then building share with the constant threat of something better tomorrow.

We are experienced and have been providing solutions to these problems for many years. Our team has won more Lithium battery contracts in the automotive sector than any other, sold the world’s largest lithium ion battery on the grid, led the top line growth for the largest IPO of 2009; launched  high technology products into markets all around the world; merged, acquired, optimized and provided our clients with continuous top and bottom line results.

We know the alternative energy market, its influences, its participants and its customers. By providing our clients with superior service, we help them enter, grow and become more profitable. Your company will be more successful and as a result we will make the transition to alternative energy a success.

Because we can  




The Townsend Company is a consultancy and business development practice that is focused on market entry, growth and profitability for its clients in the

alternative energy market.

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